It’s All about the Story.

“Just remember that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.”
— Stephen King, On Writing

Welcome to my world.  I am curious.  All of my life it has been both a problem and a solution.  Curiosity did kill the cat, but, oh the adventures he found!  Curiosity leads to good stories and good stories lead to the magic Stephen King makes every day.

I’m not particularly a Stephen King fan.  I don’t like his genre.  But I love telling stories, and as an independent journalist I have the time and inclination to explore our shared world. That in itself is a reason to get up and smile every morning.

After being a grown-up in health marketing for nearly three decades, I’m now available on a contract basis for editorial projects. I write primarily about health and rehabilitation, the arts, women’s issues, small business and travel.


Every two weeks I pen a humor column called “The Raven Lunatic” for a dozen Indiana newspapers. I’ve published three compilations of these columns, The Luxury of DaydreamsA Piece of Her Mind,  and A Piece of Her Heart, which are all available in eBook and paperback on Amazon.  You can read “The Raven Lunatic” column here and learn more about the books on the Books Page.

You can find me @ravenonhealth on Twitter.

I’ve been published on Salon, Alter-Net, Talking Writing, Our USA Magazine, Mamapedia, News on Women, Fictionique, the now-defunct but critically acclaimed “Does This Make Sense,” the now-defunct OpenSalon, and many local and regional magazines and newspapers.

I’m a featured correspondent on The Broad Side.

Take a walk on the wild side.

You just never can tell where I’ll show up next.  Peruse the sections of my magical little world.

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Visit “The Raven Lunatic” and imagine why the voices in my head put a cat’s hairballs and the Pensive Dane in the same article.

Stories. Magic. Much more. Quoth the raven.