“Whitley County Kid”
Sep. 2015

“A Piece of Her Heart”
Mar. 2015

“A Piece of Her Mind”
Jun. 2013

“The Luxury of Daydreams”
Jul. 2011

About “Whitley County Kid” ©September 2015

Did you grow up in a small town? You’ll relate to writer Amy McVay Abbott’s fourth collection of essays. This easy-to-read oversized book shares stories about life in the rural Midwest in the 1960s. The book is illustrated with vintage slides from the period.

About “A Piece of Her Heart” ©April 2015

Abbott’s third book tackles common issues of loss, grief, transition and growth, with her signature twist of humor. The second in The Raven Lunatic trilogy, A Piece of Her Heart delves into those human elements that make us laugh and cry.

About “A Piece of Her Mind” ©July 2013

Visit a universe where roosters crow 24/7 and The Rolling Stones perform unnoticed on the neighbor’s lawn. In the first of three Raven Lunatic books, Abbott shares 35 of “The Raven Lunatic” newspaper columns in this romp that will keep you laughing from start to finish. Abbott celebrates Vince Lombardi’s birthday every December, and hopes for ever whiter teeth and world peace. Put down your SmartPhone, enjoy a “hot oven meal,” and explore the world of “The Raven Lunatic.”

About “The Luxury of Daydreams” ©July 2011

In her debut book, Indiana writer Amy McVay Abbott offers thirty insightful and humorous essays about life transitions. In 2009, Abbott lost her job shortly after her only child left for college. Her mother was diagnosed with multi-infarct dementia, and what seemed logical for Abbott was to start writing it all down. Through humor, Abbott weaves together past and present with future hopes and dreams after turning fifty. Mothers, daughters, aunts, and nieces will enjoy this spiritual and comedic journey.