Nov 182015

And here’s something you might not know.

This summer and fall I’ve put together a series of books called “The No Words” series from photographs I’ve taken over the years.

I’m a writer.  But my avocation is photography. My husband and I travel and it is our joy to see beautiful things from different angles. We like to shoot many pictures at different angles and share our views.

I’ve finished four books now and given a lot of them away. Surprisingly, I’ve  sold more than I expected I would on my Amazon page.

I sent three to my elderly aunt who lives in a retirement community near Boston.  She called me last night and told me something so obvious that I cannot believe I missed it.  The “No Words” books are a great gift for someone with dementia.

How could I miss this?  Her sister, my mother, had dementia for ten years and will be gone four years next February. Mom loved looking at beautiful pictures. After a time, she couldn’t recognize her own family members, and we often just looked at beautiful things. What I would give for an hour to share my flower pictures with her?

If you have an elderly friend or relative who can still enjoy beauty, why not purchase a “No Words” book for them?

There are four.  The first one “A Bouquet of Beauty” features flowers and plants from the U.S. and Europe.  The second is called “I’m Ready for my Close-Up” and looks at primarily Spain, but has lots of lovely things in the United States as well.

Volume number three “All Come to look for America” shows off lovely things on our East Coast and lots of Indiana pictures.  There are three or four stained-glass ceilings from courthouses and restaurants.  The final volume, which is my favorite, is called “God’s Impressions.”  When we visited Monet’s gardens at Giverny, France last June, I was stunned at the beauty of nature.  Ironically I wasn’t thinking about paintings, but the beauty God painted for us and
Monet replicated.

You can click on the book above and go to the individual Amazon link or here’s the link to the page on my website. Thanks in advance for considering this as a gift for a loved one.

PS  Don’t forget to share beloved music with your loved one. My mother could remember lyrics long after she forgot my name.  The Christmas before she died we watched a TV program together and she sang every Christmas hymn.

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