Aug 202012

skinIt’s never too late for a warm weather skin regimen.

Theresa Baggett, owner, Fusion Spa & Boutique, and Shelley Patterson, cosmetologist share some tips for enhancing and maintaining beautiful skin during extreme heat.

The first guiding principle “applies” to everyone.

“Use a sunscreen all year, but be particularly diligent during the summer and opt for one that is water resistant,” Patterson said. “Use one at is at least SPF 50 that allows you to stay in the sun longer and extend your make-up.

“Going with a product that is water resistant helps in the heat because we perspire more and it will give extra protection.”

What can a skin consultation do for me?

A skin consultation at a day spa can outline a program to maintain healthy and wonderful looking skin.

“With a skin consultation, we ask an important question to our clients.  ‘What do you want to change in your skin?” said Patterson.

“What are you not happy with?  We will help you move on from there.”

Baggett said what they hear most from clients are inquiries about aging, sun spots, dull and lackluster complexion, and sunscreens.

“First, we look at getting the client on a well-formulated medical grade products that can bring her back to her youthful glow.  We know that as we age our skin cells don’t slough off as they did when we were younger.  We have to help clients kick-start their regimen.  Salicylic acid can clean out the pores, and is also good for people with breakouts,” said Patterson.

She added that when a good acid is used, dead skin doesn’t get trapped.

Like a puzzle – one piece at a time

“Because of the way an acid works, we advise our clients to put products on in a particular order.  You can’t really combine it with another product, it won’t perform.”

Fusion Spa & Boutique believes that the morning regimen is the most important.  Here’s the regular regimen Fusion Spa & Boutique recommends:

  • Use a good cleanser each morning.
  • Add a well-formulated toner to get your skin ready for the next step.
  • Use a Vitamin C product next.  Fusion Spa & Boutique warned that not all Vitamin C products are created equally. Find a product that has ascorbic acid and a proper pH for your skin.  Patterson cautioned customers to do their homework and research.
  • If you need more hydration than your sun screen, add a good hydrating product at this point.  It’s like giving your skin a well-needed drink of water.
  • Add your sunscreen.
  • Use a well-formulated eye cream. The skin around the eye is different from the rest of the face, and will often show aging faster than the rest of the face.  Antioxidants for the eye are super day spa products to try.
  • Consider a product to improve the pigment of your skin if you have age or sun spots.  These steps may be overwhelming but like anything else they will soon become habit, resulting in healthier, more vivacious skin.

The Nightly Regimen

Patterson reports the evening regimen takes less time than the critical morning skin regimen.

“Keep it simple, cleanse and tone are the primary things you need to do at night,” she said.
Remove remaining excess makeup and ensure your pH is where it needs to be.

“Some people like, and I’m an advocate of, a really good retinol product which can build collagen at night in the skin,” she said.  “For people looking for the ‘miracle cream’ retinol is the closest product to reversing the signs of aging.  Choose a well-formulated medical grade product.  Retinol sometimes have the reputation of being irritating to the skin, and they don’t have to be.”

A Few General Skin-Care Tips:

  • Avoid tanning in the sun or tanning beds. It is not good for you, said Patterson, tanning is the first thing that will age you.  Tanning breaks down collagen and it negative effects, including loss of elasticity.  Tanning causes hyperpigmentation in the face, and that’s hard to get rid of.
  • Use a self-tanner. Fusion Spa & Boutique loves self-tanners. Patterson said, “Most of them have the same ingredients.  Choose a fragrance you like or be aware if they streak.  Again, do your research, probably by trial and error.  There are clear and tinted formulas.  The tint allows you to see where the lotion goes.  Any remaining tint comes off, and you are left with tanned skin over time.”
  • Choose a good moisturizer—preferably one with acid in it.  A good moisturizer does double duty, gets rid of dead and dry skin and makes skin soft.
  • Use a loofah in the shower, again a way to remove dead, dry skin.  Use a product that is penetrating enough to  move through several layers of skin.
  • Drink lots of water and keep hydrated — always a good policy for your skin, summer or winter.

Don’t forget the rest of your body

Scrub dead skin off your feet in the shower, use lotions with acid.

Address your elbows and knees and other body parts that tend to be dry.  Consider using a balm from your day spa that is thicker.  Don’t use a harsh cleanser or soap that will dry your body out more.

Frankness with your Day Spa improves treatment

In summary, the Fusion Spa & Boutique staff suggests that clients develop a rapport with their cosmetologist and spa staff.

“We want our clients to be open and honest with us,” said Therese.  “If you don’t like something, if you are not getting the benefit, tell us.  We want to help you develop that flawless skin that you desire.”

Finally, the Fusion Spa & Boutique staff reminds clients to watch what they eat. “What you eat reflects on your skin and in your body. What you eat shows on your face.  Day spas want to help you achieve the best you can for your skin.”

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