Jul 202014

The news cycles are always slow this time of year.  Before 9/11, the biggest story on the punditry cycle was the missing Chandra Levy, who disappeared jogging in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park.

Not this summer. This summer the airwaves are busy with major stories about a new war in the Middle East, the shooting down of a Malaysian jet over The Ukraine, and thousands of children illegally entering the southern United States border.

I am a self-proclaimed news junkie, so interested that I’ll often watch the same story covered on MSNBC and Fox News to see the different perspectives on the same information.  I prefer watching political events on C-Span, so that I can hear the State-of-the-Union speech without the CNN talking head’s opinion over the President.

Even when I travel or am so involved at work that I barely know my name, I try to keep one eye open and on the news.  I’m just wired that way, and I’m wired to ask questions.

This morning as I watched “Face the Nation.” I heard Bob Schieffer state that we may have proof that the Russians were behind the Malaysian jumbo jet shoot-down.  This story, more than anything in recent memory, sent a cold chill down my spine. We don’t know yet what it means, what the world-wide fall out will be.

As an aside, I read that President Obama learned of the plane’s downing while talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin on an hour-long call about the sanctions the U.S. unveiled earlier in the week. Putin mentioned the shooting to Obama in passing, and the two moved on with their conversation.

So what does this mean in the context of history?  Is this an episode, like the murder of Archduke Ferdinand prior to the first world war, that will later reverberate in unknown ways?  Is it a blip of history between two great superpowers?  Is this the beginning of a New Cold War?

I don’t know, but thinking about the ramifications gives me a cold chill, which is what the Europeans may get next winter, considering that thirty percent of their energy comes from Putin’s stores.  What do you think?

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