Nov 172017

November 17, 2017,  Three points on the national discussion about sexually inappropriate behavior.

OUR PARTY AT ALL COSTS.  Roy Moore could make love to a sheep on the roof of the Truman Balcony and some Republicans would defend him.  POTUS once said he could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and he would still be loved. Even though some admit that Roy Moore’s behaviors (if you believe his accusers) are vile, they still plan on voting for him.  The one that threw me over the edge was the female governor of Alabama.How can any woman in politics, regardless of stripe, not be moved by the number and similarity of Moore’s accusers?. Better a pedophile than a Democrat?  Seriously?

GASLIGHTING.  When asked why POTUS commented on Senator Al Franken’s bad behavior while not condemning Roy Moore, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: “The only difference between President Trump and Sen. Al Franken is that the Minnesota lawmaker admitted he did something wrong.” That is some kind of stinkin’ thinkin’.  Trump has more than a dozen accusers of sexually inappropriate behavior.  We’ve all seen the infamous Access Hollywood tape where 45 admitted he makes advances without permission. (I’m being delicate but I’m talking about the grabbing her by the p@#%* remarks.)  But the difference between the two men is that Senator Franken admitted his errors and apologized, according to the Press Secretary.  How will she explain her comments to her children when they are of age?

  1. POKE THE BEAR. I’m disappointed with Senator Franken’s behavior (but not surprised.)  Anyone who is surprised that a prominent white male behaved/behaves this way hasn’t been paying attention.  Or maybe living on the Planet Mongo for the last century. But for POTUS to go after him with the giant logs in his own eyes (sorry but I couldn’t resist using the Biblical metaphor about the log.) seems as ridiculous as poking a hibernating bear with a large stick.  God only knows what will happen next.

Yes, I would like to see Senator Al Franken resign for his sins, despite his excellent record as an advocate for marginalized groups.  But here are my terms.  Senator Franken should resign when 45 does.  Tit for tat.


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