Apr 052013

The simple answer is, because I can.

I know I’m different.  And I’m perfectly okay with that.  I’ve always liked the big green Sinclair dinosaurs, and I was a big fan of “Dino” on “The Flintstones.”

Being the Poor White Trash that we are, we once owned an above ground pool.  This is something most people won’t admit to, or if they do it comes with a disclaimer….

It was here when we bought the house and it was too expensive to take it down

The kids really wanted it

And my favorite:

We’re too close to the river to dig that deep for an in-ground pool.

Admit it, you are Poor White Trash and you have this giant baggie by Doughboy in the backyard.

But we did remove Doughboy after two years of not using the pool, and what was left was a big pile of dirt.  I wanted some new landscaping, but I pretty much kill everything (rapidly) I grow.

We put in a lilac bed and I added a concrete bird bath and a concrete turtle.

Around the back of the house we added edging and rocks.  Lovely, lovely, several tons of rocks. You can’t kill them and they are fun to look at (well for someone who likes “The Flintstones” and kills plants.)

Clearly, something was missing.

We searched in vain all over the tri-state for a replica of the Sinclair dinosaur.  This is southern Indiana, so naturally there are a ton of concrete statuary places. You wouldn’t believe all the items you can buy in molded concrete.

While I found a pineapple for the front of the house, no dinosaur.

Finally a friend from the northside of Louisville told me about The Concrete Lady.  She did have a Sinclair-type dinosaur but it weighed about two tons and there was little chance of throwing that in the back of the truck and bringing it home.

I selected a staid, low-key 250 lb. concrete dinosaur that my friend who was helping me dubbed Desi (as in Dino, Desi and Billy).

But Desi wouldn’t fit in the back of my car. My friend volunteered her husband’s rattle-trap old truck and we came up with a fee that I would pay.

On a sultry summer afternoon — one of those so humid that your clothes stick to most body parts — my friends delivered Desi.

When they arrived, we were in the sanctity of our air conditioned house.

They pulled into the driveway next to our home, and within minutes neighbors across the street came over to talk to them.  These neighbors weren’t particularly friendly, and I don’t think I could pick them out of a police line-up.

Apparently they weren’t too sure about us, either, because they started talking to our friends as if our friends were us.

Really like what you’ve done to your yard!  It looks tremendous.  We’re4 so happy that pool (translation: meaning eyesore) is gone.

Our friends, whose truck didn’t have air conditioning, and were suffering from the heat looked a wreck.  When one is driving in a hot truck on a warm summer afternoon with no air conditioning, one doesn’t dress like a day at the races at Astor.

Our friends told the neighbors they weren’t us and came inside.

Had the neighbors bothered to look inside the truck, they would have discovered Desi.

Desi was moved to a prominent place in our backyard, in full view of the neighbors.

Somehow I’m surmising our neighbors, so delighted over the pool removal, aren’t as happy about the presence of Desi.

Wait until I paint him purple and green this summer!

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